William Yelverton - Guitar Life

on tour in Paris (5/03)

Performance of Rodrigo Concerto with TN Philharmonic (2/07)

Concerto rehearsal with the Black Sea Philharmonic- Constanta, Romania (6/03)

Hiking while on tour in Switzerland ('03)

Rehearsing with Luciano Pavarotti, 2/15/00.

with my main guitar - a '90 Robert Ruck, cedar ('93)

with the Yamaha I won at the GFA competition in '87 ('88 photo)

Performing for Chet Atkins ('94)

from left: Hoffmann Baroque Lute, 1927 Gibson Steel-string, Ruck Concert Cedar, Heiber Renaissance Lute, Viennesse Classical Guitar

Standing ovation in St. Patrick's Church, Binghamton, NY - The Millenium Concert 12/31/99. St. Patrick's church, built in 1823 is one of the oldest large churches in upstate NY.

on the floor from left to right-

-Hoffman style German Baroque Lute by an Unknown German maker retopped by Robert Cooper
-1978 Takamine solid cedar electric classical
-(laying down) An Electra Les Paul Style from 1977
-1976 Gibson ES175 archtop
-1927 Gibson LO Acoustic Steel string
on the table:
-1851 Parlor Guitar imported by Bruno and Cargil - maker unknown
-(laying down)Small German piccolo mandolin from around 1920
-(laying down)1981 Thomas Humphrey Spruce Concert Classical
-1990 Robert Ruck Cedar Concert Classical- my main axe
-1987 Renaissance Lute (Heiber style) by Larry Brown
-(laying down)The world's only Theorboed Bandurria - 12 strings, 6 on the fretboard and 6 off, -extra strings and bridge work by Tom Dobrovich

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