Hiking the South Cumberland

Some of the best and most remote trails for hiking in Middle Tennessee can be found in the Southern Cumberland Plateau. Hiking trails in the South Cumberland are found in three general areas:

Savage Gulf
The Fiery Gizzard Gorge
The Sewanee Perimeter Trail

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My personal favorite in the Collins Gulf Loop in Savage Gulf. These trails that make up the Collins Gulf Loop are probably the least frequented in the Savage Gulf Area. A brief description of the hike and some of my photos. WILDFLOWER SEASON!!

Great photos of Savage Gulf and Fiery Gizzard (not my photos)

Savage Gulf Map

Fiery Gizzard Map

Sewanee Perimeter Trail info

Friends of the South Cumberland

Restaurants in the South Cumberland, Pearl's is the best!

The South Cumberland is great but I'd rather be hiking here in the Swiss Alps.

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