The Motorcycle path less traveled

Bill now writes for Adventure Motorcycle Magazine - see his story and photos in the February and June '07 issues.

To me, what good is a bike if it is unable to get you to beautiful places?
Many of those places are far beyond where the pavement ends!

My ride is the Kawasaki 250cc Super Sherpa - a go anywhere bike.
Light, sleek, and quiet - a world apart from today's cycle culture of 'chrome and noise.'
I am continuously amazed at the abilities of this bike to traverse extremely challenging terrain.
Through the steep and rugged, the Sherpa has remained reliable.

A view of the TN river from a cliff in the Prentice Cooper State Forest

From the Cohutta Mountain Wilderness in North Georgia (more pics:1,2,3)

A challenging trail on Short Mountain, TN - don't try this on your Harley (or even your KLR650).
My definition of 'dual sport' is definitely a little rougher than most. If you can't pick up your bike and carry it over a log, it's too heavy.

Through a creek in the Sequatchie Valley, TN

On a 1000' cliff over the Tennessee River

I love this bike, you can cruise down the highway at 70 mph, up a mountain trail, or pack it to go!

I like this bike so much, I bought a second one. Wanna ride?

Hitch mounted double strapless motorcycle carrier
Happy trails!

My titled and STREET-LEGAL 1987 Suzuki DR 100 - one of a kind!
This bike has 6 gears, weighs just 180 lbs (dry) and is a great little hill climber, really great on extreme terrain. It's also a great around town commuter bike - gets nearly 100 mpg! It was converted to street legal and passed a full safety inspection in Virginia. I don't know of another one like it.

A tribute to my first Suzuki DR 100 that was stolen several yrs ago.
What a day this was, riding the beaches on the Florida Gulf Coast

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