Center Hill Lake

Center Hill Lake



Located near Smithville, Tennessee, Center Hill Lake is a 64 mile long reservoir created by the US Army Corp of Engineers. Center Hill dam is on the Caney Fork river and was built as a multi-purpose project for development of water resources.

The lake, situated in the rolling hills of middle Tennessee, provides outstanding opportunities for recreational use.

I frequent the lake in all seasons and am pleased to bring you information on this valuable resource, a boater's paradise.

Why Center Hill Lake is such a Great place:

Find out about this place:

You can obtain Center Hill lake level info from the US Army Corps Website. or the TVA website.
Lake level, water temperature, generation schedule, fishing and general information can be found on the Resource Manager's Website, or by calling one of these three numbers:
1-800-238-2264 (code for Centerhill is "37")

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  • Center Hill Lake is great but this lake is the best.
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    Fancher Falls on Center Hill Lake

    This photo taken May, 2006. Lake elevation: 648.3'

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