Welcome to Cedarcrest

Cedarcrest is my home. It is actually two historic log cabins made of native Tennessee Red Cedar that are joined together as one house. Cedarcrest is located right on the edge of the city on several acres of giant oak and cedar trees. The cabins are made of hand-hewn cedar logs that were cut and hewn in the 1830's. The full dovetail joints show an excellent example of log home building of the period. These two cabins which make up Cedarcrest, were moved to their present location from near Deason, TN in the 1960's. The logs were fitted into place and chinked; then new wood floors, 2 large masonry fireplaces, large screened porch, pool, and deck were added. Since the logs were originally sided over with clapboard for over 100 years, they were protected and are in excellent condition.

This is the back of the house where you can see the stairs to the guest apartment and the new solarium. Above are two views of the solarium that I call the 'Rain room' because it is a great place to watch the rain hit the clear glass ceiling. This house was formerly "Quilts and Croissants Bed and Breakfast Inn." Under the solarium is a patio with an outdoor fireplace.

Summer '03, a great year for plants and flowers.

This porch is plexiglassed through most of the year and heated with a Vermont Castings gas fireplace.

Looking in through the front door, you can see the wood floors and one of three Civil War era wagon wheels used as light fixtures in the house. The unusual floors are random width alternating strips of white oak and Tennessee Red Cedar

This is the large kitchen and party room. The ceiling joists are magnificent debarked red cedar logs. Tennessee Red Cedar is rare to find today in this size and quality.

This is one of the two living rooms. I really enjoy this fireplace. Here's a clearer view of the unusual cedar and oak floors.

The larger living room with golden Indian wool rug and chinkapin oak floors.

Thank you for visiting Cedarcrest, my historic house. Cheers!

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