Audition Information for the MTSU Guitar Program

Auditions for undergraduate scholarships should be completed before the end of March for the coming fall semester. Non-scholarship eligible auditions may take place any time prior to the beginning of the semester. All new students who want to enroll in private instruction must audition for placement. The last opportunity to audition is on the first day of class of any semester. There will be a signup sheet on the guitar office door, SFA 214. A classical guitar is the prefered instrument for those auditioning. Auditions and scholarships are competitive as there are a limited number of students that can be accepted.
Music majors can declare jazz guitar as a principal instrument in the Music Industry or Jazz Studies majors only. All Jazz guitar principals are required to take both jazz and classical lessons until the classical proficiency is completed - the upper division jury
Auditions for graduate assistantships should be completed before March 1 for the coming fall semeter.

Students majoring in (or intending to major in) Guitar Performance and Jazz Studies are given first priority for scholarship consideration.

All students will be evaluated on music reading ability.

Suggested repertoire - Classical Guitar auditions:
(note: these are suggestions, not strict guidelines)

Studies and/or pieces by Sor, Carcassi, Carulli, Giuliani, Aguado, Brouwer, and Sagreras.
Pavans by Milan
Dances by Sanz, DeVisee', Bach, etc...
Preludes by Ponce, Villa-Lobos

Jazz auditions:
See Jazz Studies Website

Graduate- Classical Guitar

Two movements of a Bach Suite
A set of variations, sonata, or advanced etudes by Sor, Giuliani, or other classical composer.
A work of Barrios, Turina, Torroba, Tanzman, Ponce, Rodrigo, Tedesco, or other 20th century composer.

Call the Music Office at 615-898-2469 to arrange an audition time.

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