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The following list details the CDs available to all Tennessee agencies through the Tennessee Transit Training Center . To request a CD, please submit an Online Request Form (submitted electronically) or a Fax Request Form (pdf form to print and send to 615-849-3574).

CD Title and Number
New! A Training Needs Assessment of Transit Operations and Maintenance Supervisors Linked to Core Competencies
New! ADA Technical Assistance
Best Practices Manual: FTA Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
Bus System Safety
New! Emergency Preparedness Plans
FTA Office of Safety & Security
Have A Nice Day!
Teaches operators skills and techniques for maintaining a safe environment on their buses. It encourages operators to focus on what they can do to help ensure that they have a nice day - every day.
Linking People to the Workplace
Medical Transportation Toolkit and Best Practices
Member Directory: Community Transportation Association of America
Senior Transportation: Toolkit and Best Practices
This Senior Toolkit provides information about the varied transportation needs of older people, how community and public transportation providers are meeting those needs, and means and resources for improving and creating senior transportation service. The purpose of providing the information is to encourage its users too think further about senior transportation and to create new approaches for meeting the needs and preferences of older people. (Also has a library text)
New! September 11th Tapes
System Security Awareness for Transit Employees
Designed for front-line employees and supervisors who have direct contact with the public or vehicles and facilities used by the public. The course covers skill sets for observing, determining, and reporting people and things that are suspicious or out-of-place. It encourages employees to use common sense when faced with varius circumstances so operations can run safely, smoothly, and efficiently. A focus is also placed upon an employee's initial priorities at the scene of a security threat or incident. The course takes approximately one and a helf hours to complete.
New! Tennessee United We Ride Strategic Planning Workshop
Supplemental Materials
New! Threat and Vulnerability Toolbox (Student Disk and Videos)
New! Transit Manager Tool Kit
New! The QRT (by Q'Straint)
Understanding Seizure Disorders
During and after a seizure, staff plays an important role in maintaining the safety and well-being of the individual consumer. This CD provides important information about ways in which staff can respond safely and effectively in helping consumers to deal with the effects of seizures in their daily lives.
Universal Precautions
Universal Precautions is required training in most human service organization, based on regulations promulgated by OSHA in 1991. It requires employers to follow certain procedures to ensure employee safety when they may be exposed to blood borne pathogens, including HIV and hepatitis viruses. This CD can assist you meeting these standards.
New! "Warning Signs" FTA System Security Awareness

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