Using the Formula

This page includes Step-by-Step instructions to calculate a Multiple Correlation Coefficient, R, using the formula.  We will use the data for the Water/Temperature/Time Mowing example.

  Formula for two independent variables, X1 and X2:


General Procedure:  

There are really two steps to compute R:

Since the more complicated part is finding each of the paired correlation coefficients, you may want to use Excel or Minitab to find each of the paired simple correlation coefficients.  Minitab will compute a matrix listing all of pair-wise correlations. Click here for Minitab Instructions.

Click here if you need a reminder of how to compute the simple correlation coefficients, r,  using the formula.  See the Level II: Correlation tutorial if you need to know how to use Excel or Minitab to compute r or for additional information on Simple Correlation.


Procedure for Example

There are really two steps to compute R:

Learn the Procedure for calculating correlation coefficients

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