Interpretation of the Regression Equation

We will use the Temperature/Water example to learn how to interpret the simple linear regression equation where Water Consumption = -96. 8452 + 1.45116*Temperature

Interpret the slope: 
Slope = 1.5


Interpret the y-intercept:  y-intercept = -96.9


Final Interpretation:  For this example, when the temperature is zero degrees, then a person would drink about -97 ounces of water.  That does not make any sense! Therefore our model is not applicable when x = 0, and we cannot expect it to be accurate at such low temperatures.  The sample of data was taken in the summer time where the temperatures range from 75 to 99 degrees F.  Thus the model only predicts for temperatures in approximately that range.  

2. Using the Regression Equation for Prediction

3. Measuring the Strength of the Association

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