Teaching - Fall 2016

ECON 7060: Econometrics I (Ph.D.)

Course description: This is the first course in the first-year Ph.D. sequence in econometrics. We cover the basics of linear regression models, including topics such as heteroskedasticity, instrumental variables, and weighted least squares. We also cover difference-in-differences, synthetic control methods, and regression discontinuity.

ECON 7080: Econometrics III (Ph.D.)

Course description: The purpose of this course is to prepare students to do empirically-oriented research in economics. Most of the applications discussed will pertain to applied microeconomics topics, such as labor and industrial organization, but the techniques could also be used in a variety of other research areas. While there will be some discussion of (necessary) theoretical econometric issues, the vast majority of our time will be spent on putting these econometric ideas to use. My goal with this course is to help you answer questions such as: I am interested in ____, what is an appropriate econometric model? What data will I need to estimate this model? How do you go about estimating and interpreting the parameters of this model? How do I interpret my results?