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The composition experience at Middle Tennessee State University is comprised of English 1010 and English 1020; both courses are designed to help students hone already established writing skills and to provide instruction on learning to adapt the composition processes to a variety of rhetorical situations. CAI Portfolio English 1010 combines portfolio-based composition with computer-assisted composition, providing for its students the strengths of both. Assumptions are made about capabilities in basic areas of paragraph and essay organization and development, in grammar and mechanics, as well as in basic word processing skills. If the student does not possess the prerequisite competencies for the courses, he or she should assume responsibility for remediating those areas. The web site is designed to assist students in Dr. Maria A. Clayton's CAI Portfolio English 1010 composition sections. In addition to enrichment avenues provided through links accessing supplementary help on elements of style, grammar, mechanics, and MLA documentation among many others, the cite offers on-line opportunities for peer response and instructor feedback through the Communication portion of the WebCT site. These resources are geared to facilitate the composition process and to encourage multiple drafts for each effort. Additionally, the cite provides necessary information on what a student can expect in terms of the scope, requirements, etc. of the course.

The web site is adapted from and owes a great debt to Portfolio Composition: A Student's Guide and Reader for English 1010 Portfolio Sections by Ayne Cantrell with contributions by Sushil Oswal, Linda Badley, and Maria A. Clayton (5th ed. McGraw-Hill/Primus Custom Publishing, 2001), the English Department's standard for portfolio sections.

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