Welcome to Dr. Clayton's Literature Courses

The study of literature is a fun and rewarding adventure that can provide the reader (particularly a serious reader) with joyous entertainment and edifying insight into the human condition. At Middle Tennessee State University, the literature requirement for all students is composed of English 2030, an introductory course into the major genres, and a second semester option among English 2130 (American Literature), English 2330 (Contemporary Literature), and English 2230 (British Literature). This web site has been developed specifically for students assigned to courses taught by Dr. Maria A. Clayton. The links to Eng 2030 and Eng 2130  provide an overview of what a student can expect in terms of course scope, requirements, etc. in either of these courses; the links to Online English 2030 provide materials for the entire course and are password restricted to students enrolled in the course.

Eng 2030

Online Eng 2030

Eng 2130