Lee N. Cochran

Maria Clayton

English 111, Section 01

December 4, 2000

Womack Lane Apartments: An Easier Living

Just beyond the eastside campus of Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesbore, Tennessee, and past the newly constructed library, lies a remote apartment complex known as Womack Lane Apartments. The feeling of the atmosphere of the complex is that of a suburb, trying to hide from the loud commotion of MTSU. To the naked eye, the apartments present a dirty and run-down appearance that is quite unattractive; however, the apartments offer more than just look.

Womack Lane Apartments offers more than just a living unit for university families; it offers a home-like environment, convenience, and emotional support. The facility is constructed of 192 one- and two-bedroom apartments that come furnished or unfurnished; however, only the furnished units have the luxury of air conditioning. The apartments offer a large playground, a 24-hour service desk, a laundry room, a conference hall, and a computer lab. The price of an apartment runs about $500 a month including utilities ("Womack").

Unlike the average apartment, the interior of Womack Apartments is quite lonely. The rooms are outline with large, white concrete bricks and hard floors that resemble a hollow classroom. The kitchen, large enough for one person at a time, comes with a refrigerator, a stove, and a table and chair set. However, the bathroom provides all the space that a person will need. The petite bedrooms are only large enough to sleep, providing little walking space; however, in the living room, a couch, a small chair, and an old wooden table create a nice little cubbyhole to entertain guest and family members.

"Itís not much to look at, but for $500 bucks a month what do you expect? With the extra money I save a month from not using on utilities, I can spend it on my children," explains Lee Anne Carr. Carr, a 22-year-old freshman majoring in computer science, is the mother of two-year-old Rachel and five month old Emily. "I decided to live here because itís cheaper and more convenient. Being a single mother is hard, especially when you are taking full-time hours. So living here in these apartments has made it a lot easier!" expressed Carr.

Womack Lane Apartments also provides the convenience of its location--the outer boundary of campus: resulting in about a ten-minute walk to most destinations. The Rec Center is only a few minutes away, and the library is located just across the parking lot. Despite its close location, Womack Lane still enjoys a peaceful distance from the rest of the University. Carr adds, "I donít have to drive to class, so I tend to go more often than if had to commute here."

Yet another peak presented by the complex is the emotional support among the residents. Many of the residents find themselves in the same predicament, going to school while raising a family; therefore, it's simpler to relate with one another for comfort and support. They also receive outside community support. For example, during the Holidays, the Murfreesboro police station buys gifts for the children of Womack Lane (Carr). "I know I can count on another parent to watch my kids if an emergency should arise. It is a safe feeling knowing that there are others going through the same situation as I am,"sighs Carr.

Womack Lane Apartments is a unique living opportunity that many universities are now starting to offer to students. Those who decide to live in a complex such as Womack Lane will discover an easier school year. Womack Lane Apartments aids the student and the family in copping with life's demands; the apartments offers living conditions, convenience, and emotional support for all residents.

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