CAI Portfolio English 1010 and 1020 Writing Tools

This portion of the English 1010/1020 Portfolio Composition site is devoted to providing you with useful links to information or to help in areas where problems have arisen in your composition process. If you already know of weaknesses, you may opt to visit these locations on your own. If problems surface in your writing that I feel dictate the use of these resources, in addition to receiving a referral to the University Writing Center, you will be given instructions on which sites to visit and which exercises to do. Remember that these are to be used as a supplement to your assignments and that you are working under time constraints in terms of due dates for your essay's drafts. Use your time wisely. We owe a great thanks to all the on-line sources which make this process possible: Purdue University On-Line Writing Lab, University of Wisconsin, Columbia University, and the University of South Florida.

General Reference Drafting Writing Assignments Mechanics
Prewriting Revising and Proofreading Grammar Spelling

General Reference:

Webster's Hypertext Interface Dictionary
Bartlett's Quotations
Using Electronic Sources: MLA
Writing with Computers

Composition in General

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Coping with Writing Anxiety
Overcoming Writer's Block
Starting to Write
Thought Starters
Prewriting Activities

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Developing an Outline
Constructing Paragraphs
Adding Emphasis
Sentence Variety

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Revising and Proofreading:

Proofreading, Editing, and Revising
Concerns in Proofreading/Editing
Non-Sexist Language
Improving Sentence Clarity

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Adjectives and Adverbs

Dangling Modifiers
Parallel Structure
Pronouns (Usage)
Pronouns (Case)
Subject-Verb Agreement
Verbs (With Helpers)
Verbs (Idioms)

Verbs (Voice and Mood)
Verbs (Tense Consistency)
Verbs (Irregular Verbs)
Verbs (Active and Passive Voice)

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General Comma Rules
Commas After Introductions
Commas vs. Semi-colons in Compound Sentences
Commas in Non-essential Phrases and Clauses
Run-ons, Comma Splices, and Fused Sentences
Proofreading for Commas
Punctuation (Apostrophes)
Punctuation (Quotation Marks)
Punctuation (Hyphens)
Punctuation (Semi-colons, parenthesis, quotation marks, and italics)

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Spelling Errors with Common Words (Their, There, They're, It's, Its)
Spelling Errors (Accept/Except and Affect/Effect)
Spelling Errors (I before E)
Spelling Errors (Suffixes)
Spelling Errors (Noun Plurals)

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