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Dr. Maria A. Revell



How you can contact me:

Phone: 615/898-5844
Fax:  615/898-5441


How to Survive as an RODP Instructor

Research Interests: 
Compliance in Renal Transplant Recipients
Teaching Methodology - Placed based & Webbased

Teaching Interests (Graduate & Undergraduate):
Critical Care/Adult Health
Physical Assessment

Teaching Methodology Interest
Use of Technology in Education

Web Enhancement:  Easing Into Online Teaching

Roadmap for Online Learning


physically located in
Office #229, Cason-Kennedy Nursing Building

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Visit China from your computer chair!!  See the beauty and tradition of China.  Go along with a group of Critical Care Nurses as they explore the wonder of another country.

Student Tutorials
The following case and on-line quizzes have been designed to assist you:

rd_ball.gif (238 bytes)  Interactive Case Management of a Patient with Cardiovascular and Respiratory Problems

rd_ball.gif (238 bytes)  Quiz to review Cardiac Alterations

rd_ball.gif (238 bytes)  Quiz to review Hemodynamics

rd_ball.gif (238 bytes)  Quiz to review Types of Shock

rd_ball.gif (238 bytes)  Quiz to review Shock Morphology

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