Dr. Linda Seward
Speech and Theatre Department
Middle Tennessee State University 37132

Study Abroad
Packing for Overseas

Will this study abroad trip be your first time overseas Ė maybe your first time in a plane?  Donít worry Ė it will be a great adventure no matter what happens! 

In case some of you havenít traveled much, Iíve tried to break down what I do automatically when I pack for travel overseas.   This information is offered as a guide, possible checklist and food for thought. 

Note: This content was originally designed for students who would study in Italy, which is why there are so many references to that country.  Aside from clothing restrictions in Italian churches, however, all other information would apply to other countries as well.

Getting Started
Closing the Stuffed Suitcase!
- Packing Checklist
- Carry-on Bag Checklist