Instruction for Classroom Equipment Proposal

You are to prepare a proposal for your supervisor/principal supporting your request for computer equipment for your classroom. These documents shall support why you need the equipment and how it will be used.  When you complete this assignment post all 3 documents to your website as Word and/or Excel filesproposal-letter.doc, proposal-list.doc, floorplan.doc or floorplan.htm.

Gathering information for this Section:

Visit a vendor, or from educational catalogs, choose the computer equipment and software you will need in your classroom. Show the cost of the computer hardware along with all equipment/software you will need to use it effectively in your classroom.  The specifications should be detailed enough for the “purchasing agent” to know exactly what you want to buy.

Three Items to Submit:

1. Using the Personal-Business Letter (Only works properly on Internet Explorer format (or make your own letterhead for your school), type a cover letter to your supervisor/principal telling her that you are submitting this proposal for new equipment for your classroom.  You need to justify the expenditure of such a large amount.  The key here is that it aids “student learning.”  Save & post as proposal-letter.doc.  
To see an example Equipment Proposal cover letter:
  Melanie Atkins (Laptops) click
  Patricia Bias (Biology Classroom) click Proposal Letter.

2. Compile a list of computer, computer software, and related equipment you would like to have in your classroom. Assume you have a budget of $5,000 and this list is what your school’s purchasing agent will use to purchase the equipment. Be specific about the computer listing model number, amount of RAM, size of hard-drive, etc. List the cost and remember your school is tax exempt. To see an example, click equipment proposal.  Save & post as proposal-list.doc, or list.doc. 

To see an example Equipment List with specifications:
  Chase Clemons (Social Studies Classroom) (Proposal-List)

  Patricia Bias (Biology Classroom) click Proposal List.

I suggest you go to & click on the K-12 Education link.  Unless you have a special need for laptops I would choose one of the desktop models.  Go through the specification process to choose the processor speed, monitor, etc. Windows XP Professional is superior to the Home Edition.  You can select software, but it is more expensive than purchasing a “site license” for the number of programs you need.  Other equipment such as tables, chairs, overhead projectors, etc. can be purchased at Office Depot, Staples, etc.

3. Using MS WORD create a sketch of the floor plan for your classroom showing the placement of the equipment and furniture. To see an example of a floor plan drawn in WORD with the "Drawing" feature, click Floor-Plan.   Save & post as floorplan.doc or floorplan.htm.

To see an example Floor Plan:
  Kelli Cook (Math Classroom) click Floor Plan Sketch.
  Melanie Atkins (PE office) click Floor Plan Sketch

For the visually impaired students, do not include this section - you only need the cover letter and the equipment list.

Notice: PE teacher & Non-teaching majors can use your office for the floor plan & the equipment needed.

Be sure to check the Rubric for this section before proceeding Grading Rubric for all Portfolio Sections.

To start a new file for this section and/or other "Word-based" documents:

1. Open blank document in Word
2. Click [file][saveas]
3. Pull do2n "Save As Type" list & choose "Word Document"
4. Type in the filename, for this section it will be proposal-letter
5. Save the files where you can find it...on your flash drive or hard drive.  If you are at MTSU without your flash drive, then save it in your folder on the -drive.


Learning Objectives for this Section (Equipment Proposal):

Write a proposal for purchasing new computer equipment for a classroom or school office.

a.       Using the Draw feature of WORD, to draw a floor plan sketch of a classroom, or office.

b.      Decide what computer equipment to purchase & write an equipment list showing specifications & estimated prices.

c.       Write a cover letter justifying why you chose the equipment & how you will use it to enhance student learning

d.    Post all 3 documents to website as Word and/or Excel files.