SPSE 6640 Course Online

Microcomputers In the K-12 Educational Setting

Dr. Jay Sanders, Professor
Educational Leadership Department

 Office: 351 COE Building
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN 37132


Administrators (ADM)
Educators (EDU)
Counselors (PSY)


ADM Proposal
EDU Proposal
PSY Proposal

Creating your webpage(2)

Section 3:
ADM PowerPoint
EDU Lesson Plan
PSY PowerPoint

Section 4:
ADM 1st 3rd of project
EDU PowerPoint
PSY 1st 3rd of project

D2L email: jsanders@elearn.mtsu.edu

Section 5:
ADM 2nd third of online project
EDU Assessment
PSY 2nd third of online project

Section 6:
ADM 3rd third of online project
EDU Rubric
PSY 3rd third of online project

Section 7:
ADM Newsletter
EDU Student Instructions
PSY Newsletter

Section 8:

PowerPoint for Excel
Excel Grade Sheet
Grade sheet showing formulas


Due Dates:
Administrator (ADM)
Counselor (PSY)