This program is a 2 year, full-time program where a student completes 43 hours of coursework, a student research thesis, and completion of comprehensive exams. Below are both the prerequisites for the program and the graduation requirements needed upon completion. You can find a description of our graduate courses in the I/O Graduate Courses section below.

Acceptance Requirements

Prerequisites: 15 hours in Undergraduate Psychology Courses

If some of these have not been met you are still eligible to apply but would be required to take the prerequisite courses while enrolled.

a. Group measurement/testing (PSY 4260/5260 or 6050);
b. Abnormal psychology or personality (PSY 3230/5230, 3590, or 6020);
c. Learning or cognition (PSY 4040, 4480/5480, or 6190);
d. Social or developmental (PSY 2210, 2300, 4190, 4210, 4610/5610, or 6410);
e. Brain and behavior, sensation and perception, or research methods (PSY 3070/5070, 4240/5240, or 4030/5030);
f. Introductory course in I/O psychology (PSY 3320);
g. Introductory course in Statistics

Unconditional Acceptance Requirements:
a. Undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or higher
b. GRE Quantitative score of 141 or higher (450 for scores under old GRE format)
c. GRE Verbal and Analytical Writing scores must also be submitted, but no minimum is required.
d. Submission of all required application materials (see our Prospective Students page)

*Note: Those scoring below the GPA or GRE-Quantitative requirements may be accepted conditionally, but that is very rare due to the number of highly qualified applicants. The typical GPA and GRE's of those admitted to our program are described further on our Prospective Students page.

Graduation Requirements

1. Complete a total of 43 semester hours, including at least 38 hours in psychology.

2. Complete PSY 6280 (PSY 3020 or equivalent is a prerequisite for PSY 6280 and 6290), 6290, and 6640 (3 hours)

3. Successfully write and orally present a written thesis evaluated by a committee of psychology faculty in conjunction with PSY 6640

4. Pass a written comprehensive examination prepared by the Industrial/Organizational faculty (may be taken no more than twice).

I/O Graduate Courses

Graduate Catalog & Course Description

Course Planning Guide (PDF)