Current Student Resources

For current students, this page provides relevant links and documents to program forms, thesis resources, and professional affiliations. This page provides resources current students may need throughout their time here at MTSU.

Program Forms & Documents

  • Graduate Calendar
    • Link to the graduate calendar for important dates, deadlines, etc.
  • Course Planning Guide (PDF)
    • Provides information on typical scheduling of classes.
    • Also, discusses elective options for our students in the first and second years of the program.
  • Candidacy Form
    • Each student must fill out this form and turn in to the College of Graduate Studies by the end of their first year of classes.
    • This form must include: prerequisites needed, required courses (already filled in), and electives the student plans to take.
    • The form must be signed by your advisor.
  • Revision to Candidacy Form
    • If for some reason, after a Candidacy Form has been submitted, a student decides to change their chosen electives a revision form must be filled out and turned in to the College of Graduate Studies.
    • This must also be signed by your advisor.
  • Comprehensive Exams
    • Deadline for Spring Exams- Late March         (see Graduate Calendar)
    • Provides a link to the online registration form for comprehensive exams. Students must complete this form before the deadline.
  • Graduation Guidelines
    • Details the steps a student must take in order to graduate with a Master's degree from MTSU.
  • Intent to Graduate
    • Deadline for May Graduation- Mid to Late January (see Graduate Calendar)
    • Deadline for August Graduation- Late May to Early June (see Graduate Calendar)
    • A student wishing to file for intent to graduate must fill out the form and submit to the College of Graduate Studies.

Thesis Resources

  • Thesis Handbook
    • The thesis handbook provides an entire guide to the thesis process.
    • It includes general guidelines, format and style requirements, sample pages, and other relevant information.
  • Thesis Checklist
    • This checklist provides a comprehensive list of items that must be included in the final thesis copy.
    • It can be used as a simple guide as you continue through the thesis process.
    • It must be submitted with your final thesis and signed by your thesis advisor.
  • Thesis Proposal Approval
    • Provides the signature form for the thesis proposal.
  • Thesis Final Draft Approval
    • Provides the signature form for the final thesis approval that must be included with the final thesis document.


Professional Affiliations