Alumni Views

Types of Alumni Occupations

Students who completed the program have gone on to an impressive range of careers. Some of their job titles have included: Corporate Human Resources Director, Senior Consultant of Human Resources and Organizational Development, Vice President of International Services, HR Generalist, Compensation Analyst, Director of Overseas Operations, Director of Training, and Research Analyst. That's just a brief partial list of the many jobs they have found. They have successfully found jobs throughout the United States and internationally.

Companies Alumni Are Employed At

Students have left MTSU to start careers in places such as Microsoft, Dell Computers, Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Employment Learning Innovations Inc., Bridgestone/Firestone, Towers Perrin Consulting, Management Science Associates, WorldCom, First Tennessee Bank, and Verizon.

Will Kiefer,
HR Manager at Toyota Tsusho America, Inc.

"I feel that the education I received gives me a broader and more stable perspective than colleagues who have received similar degrees through business colleges. The research background and thesis gave me an in-depth understanding of the central issues in our field and allowed me to focus on principles and practices that apply across organizations and years, as opposed to the management style de jours. The faculty were definitely a strong point."

Keri Brewer,
Continuous Improvement Manager for Bridgestone/Firestone

"The 'real world' projects we were involved with in our core curriculum classes were immeasurably helpful. Those projects gave me a chance to try out the new skills I was acquiring and to develop them in a non-academic setting. This taught me some of the ins and outs of true application where you must always leverage the demands of real business pressures and time constraints. Perhaps more importantly, it gave me a wide range perspective of different industries, management styles, business cultures, and employee demographics from which I draw an aggregated perspective when dealing with problems and making decisions in my current job. Furthermore, those projects provided me with confidence in my abilities as a professional as well as a network of other professionals from which to draw advice and support."

Alison Jerden,
Director, Global Talent Management at The Coca-Cola Company

"I am/was extremely pleased with the program…and would highly recommend the Master's program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at MTSU. I found the curriculum at MTSU to be focused on applying research and knowledge to actual workplace issues; rather than simply providing theory, the professors at MTSU taught practical solutions to organizational problems. Additionally, courses are often designed around applied projects, frequently in client organizations. And, students are required to complete a practicum in order to gain professional, business experience. The result was that other students and I graduated from MTSU with a resume full of experience gained from class projects and internships."

Martina Young,
Senior HR Consultant at Integrated Healthcare Strategies

"I had a great experience in the MTSU I/O Psychology program. The professors were extremely knowledgeable and the classes were focused on practical application rather than theory. I found the program to be challenging and rewarding. I also felt that I came out of the program with the knowledge and skills I needed for my career...I feel that I received a fairly clear view of the "real world" before I finished grad school through practica and class projects."

John Opron,
Director of HR and Organization Development at Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC

"What got my career off to a start was having the practicum experience under my belt, offered to me by Mike Hein and Judy Van Hein. What has allowed me to propel myself through the HR and training functions was being able to measure and use data to support the business decisions I was making. The computer and statistics experience that the program offered me gave me the competitive advantage I needed, to add more value to my organization. Above all else, it was the staff's 'whatever it takes' attitude and commitment that made the difference for me."

Jaclyn Pritchett,
Organizational Development Specialist, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

"If it were not for the MTSU I/O program, I do not know if I would be where I am today. I am truly blessed to have found my dream job so quickly out of graduate school, but I know that I owe a lot of my gratitude to the program and the wonderful professors that support and invest their time into cultivating the program into what it is today...the rigorous curriculum of practical courses, thesis, practicum and comprehensive exams guarantees that students will leave the academic world fully prepared to enter whichever path they want to go down."


Zack Vinton,
Sr. HR Manager, Microsoft Games Studios at Microsoft

"While the whole program prepared me, I would call out three aspects: the statistics classes (intermediate and advanced), Research Methods/Testing, and the use of actual company data with projects and classes."