About Us

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) offers a Master of Arts in Psychology with a concentration on Industrial/Organizational Psychology. This program, which is housed in the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences under the Psychology Department, is a nationally and internationally acclaimed Master’s program. The main emphasis of our program is to produce professionals who are capable of applying their I/O psychology knowledge base, well-grounded in scientific theory and research, to real-world organizations.

Our Program

National & International Recognition

Our program has consistently gained recognition for its rigor and focus on applied experiences as well as research. The program has gained national and international recognition as a top-tier Master's program. The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) has used our program as a model I/O Master's program and the American Psychological Association has featured our program in their "APA Monitor" for our excellence in applied experience opportunities for our students. A national survey in The Industrial Psychologist ranked our program among the best on each of 15 criteria- including having a positive, student-oriented culture, and  having high quality applied experiences (and many of them!).

Our international impact stretches across our faculty and students. Our professors have been invited speakers around the globe, covering a diverse array of places including Sweden, Turkey, Russia, Greece, Italy, and Cuba. Our students have also had international opportunities, such as joining Dr. Burke's research in Cuba- a unique experience indeed! We are also continuously being sought out by the best and brightest international students from a wide variety of countries because of our international prestige. Even an honored Fulbright Scholar from the Middle East who sought the best I/O Master's program in the U.S. chose MTSU. For more information about our international students please refer to our Prospective Students page.

Our Students

The requirements for the program are rigorous, but our graduates continue to tell us how rising to that challenge has been key to their impressive record of career successes. Three of our past graduate students received the "Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year Award" from Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), a national award that considers all graduate level students in any HR related field. We also have a national award-winning student SHRM chapter here at MTSU. These accomplishments highlight the quality of our students and the program.

One of the keys to our program's success is the quality and diversity of the students we attract. Students are selected from throughout the United States as well as various countries. Our international students have provided the program with unique experience and perspectives that benefit not only our students but our faculty as well. We take pride in the supportive, student-friendly culture of our program. In fact, our students consistently rank that as one of the best things about our program.

Our Alumni

Our graduates have a strong track record of finding quality jobs. Over the past several years our placement rate has typically been 100%. Many choose a position in a human resources department, and typically they rise to high levels. Those jobs have covered a wide range of "I" and "O" oriented positions in HR. Some graduates work in organizational consulting.

A few others have used the degree they earned here to help launch further graduate study (e.g., continued on to a Ph.D. program). We offer a Master's program that prepares you for any of these options.

Life in Murfreesboro

MTSU is located 30 miles southeast of Nashville, the state capitol and the center of strong economic growth in middle Tennessee, in Murfreesboro, TN. Murfreesboro is a city of 120,000+ and has a wide range of educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities that are available to students on campus, and throughout Murfreesboro and its surrounding communities. MTSU has over 26,000 students, is a top-60 U.S. public university in Forbes' list of America's Best Colleges and of course is home to our internationally esteemed I/O Master's program.