Martin Chair of Insurance

The Martin Chair of Insurance was founded by a group of alumni and friends to upgrade and enhance the insurance curriculum at Middle Tennessee State University. It was named in honor of Thomas T. Martin, a Murfreesboro insurance agent who was a highly successful underwriter for almost 60 years. Dr. Kenneth Hollman holds the Chair and Dr. Emily Norman Zietz also teaches insurance courses. Other professors in the Department of Economics and Finance work closely with Drs. Hollman and Zietz in the instructional phase of the insurance program.

MTSU's insurance program provides comprehensive collegiate training for graduates who plan to work as professionals in the insurance industry. The well-rounded program is designed to hasten the personal development and professional preparation of students and to assure the industry of prospective employees with degrees in insurance. As a consequence, training costs for area employers are reduced because they are able to place new employees in a productive capacity much more quickly.

Because insurance is an increasingly important and complex segment of economic activity in Tennessee, there is a growing need in the state for college graduates with superior training in insurance. The growth and development of every community in Tennessee can be encouraged through the interest, ability, and initiative of its insurance personnel.


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