Discrete Mathematics Seminar:
Organizer: Chris Stephens, Dong Ye and Xiaoya Zha

Spring 2019

April 11 2019
Speaker: Dr. Dennis Walsh (MTSU)
Title:Random Voting, Binary Matrices and Multi-edged Graphs

April 4 2019
Speaker: Dr. Xiaoya Zha (MTSU)
Title:Deleting a maximal planar graph from a genus embedding

March 28 2019
Speaker: Dr. Alexander Cameron (Vanderbilt)
Title:The Erdos-Gyarfas function, a variation of classical Ramsey theory

March 19 2019
Speaker: Dr. Rong Luo (West Virginia)
Title: Flows of Signed Graphs

Feb. 21 2019
Speaker: Mr. Ian Barclay (MTSU)
Title:Loose Hamilton cycles in uniform hypergraphs

Jan. 31 2019
Speaker: Ms. Xi Chen (MTSU COMS)
Title:Construction of Cata-condensed Benzenoid Systems with Maximum Clar Number

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