New! Masters of Science in Professional Science

The Department of Geosciences now offers a Masters of Science in Professional Science concentration in Geosciences. The Geosciences concentration provides training for students seeking careers as geoscientists in private industry and government agencies, as well as working professionals seeking advanced training in the geosciences. There is a high demand for well-trained and experienced geoscientists in areas such as geographic information systems and environmental geology. The goal of the Geosciences concentration is to provide each student the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to secure employment as a professional geoscientist, and/or to advance into managerial positions within the profession. Students may elect to complete specializations in either Geographic Information Systems or Environmental Geosystems, or may elect to complete a general Geoscience program of studies. All students are required to complete a pre-professional internship as part of their program.

The MS-PS in Geosciences is certified as a Professional Science Masters degree by the Council of Graduate Schools.

Admission to the Geosciences MS-PS program is open to all students with undergraduate degrees in the Geosciences or related fields who meet the admission requirements of the MS-PS degree program. We welcome applications from majors in disciplines such as anthropology, archeology, environmental science, and global studies. Both full-time and part-time programs are available, and almost all classes are held during evening hours.

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