GEOL 1030H/1031H – Introduction to Earth Science and Lab

Dr. Warner Cribb
KOM 322A
Office Hours: TR 1-3, WF 12-3 or by appointment

 Required Text

Earth Science, E.J. Tarbuck and F.K. Lutgens, Prentice Hall, 13th edition /2012, ISBN 9780321767271

Important! All students must purchase a copy of the text which includes an access code to the online course support site, Mastering Geology. These texts are sold in shrink-wrap in the MTSU bookstore. Texts that are not shrink-wrapped DO NOT contain a Mastering Geology access code.

Course Schedule:

Week                      Lecture (KOM 301)                                                            Lab (KOM 300)

8/27                        Overview of the Earth and Geosciences                          Course Introduction           
                                Age and Origin of the Earth

9/3                          Minerals                                                                                 Labor Day – No Lab

9/10                        Igneous Rocks                                                                     Minerals

9/17                        Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks                             Igneous Rocks

9/24                        Weathering and Soils
                                Streams & Groundwater                                                    Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rocks

10/1                        Earthquakes & Earth’s Interior                                        LAB TEST

10/8                        Plate Tectonics                                                                   Earthquakes & Earth’s Interior

10/15                     Plate Tectonics                                                                     Plate Tectonics

10/22                     Volcanoes and Intrusive Landforms                                 Fall Break – No Lab

10/29                     Geologic Structures                                                             Volcanoes

11/5                        Geologic Time                                                                     Geologic Structures

11/12                     The Oceans                                                                          Geologic Time

11/19                     Ocean Water and Coastlines                                             LAB TEST

11/26                     The Atmosphere                                                                 Class Presentations

12/3                        Weather Systems and Climate                                         Class Presentations
                                                                                                                                Edible Geology


GEOL 1030: 3 Tests (20% each), Comprehensive Final Exam (35%), Class Presentation (5%)
GEOL 1031: 2 Tests (25% each), Attendance (25%), Completion of Lab Assignments (25%)

Grading Scale: 90 – 100 = A, 85-89 = B+, 80-84=B, 75-79 = C+, 70-74 = C, 65-69 = D+, 60-64 = D, <60 = F

Attendance Policy:

All students are expected to attend every lecture and laboratory period. Students with excessive absences will be reported as unofficially withdrawn from the course, and/or reported through the university academic alert system.

Class Presentations:

Fifteen minute powerpoint presentation on a current issue related to Earth Science.


Use of Electronic Devices:

Laptop, notebook and tablet computers may only be used in class for course-related activities. Cell phones must be silenced at all times and may not be used for text messaging during class.