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Simulated chemistry experiments & various tutorials

How to write a lab report
Trapezoidal rule to determine fugacity [xls file]



See D2L for current assignments, course information and grades.


Courses at MTSU:

Chemistry and Crime (CHEM 1030)

Bioanalytical Chemistry (CHEM 4550/4551)

Intro General Chemistry (CHEM 1010)

Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry Laboratory II (CHEM 4341)

Topics in Physical Science (PSCI 1030)

Chemistry Seminar (CHEM 6800)

Surface Characterization of Nanomaterials (CHEM 6720/7710)
Literature and Communication in Molecular Biosciences I
(MOBI 7300)

Experimental Design in Molecular Biosciences (CHEM 7105)