Publications     Teaching            Description: tballWhat is 'Surface Science'?

Group Videos (YouTube Channel: DrCcubed)

 MTSU News video interview of our 

 group (4 min).

Chusuei research group summary in the Science Building, Room 3070 (2½  min).


How to find Dr. C’s old office in Wiser-Patten 100B. (video) (2 min)

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Martin McPhail presents his poster at the 5th Annual Missouri Science and Technology Conference. (video) (9 min)

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Hosting Prof. Ali Khademhosseini to lecture on “Tissue Engineering” (talk with Q&A included) (video) (56 min)


Electrochemical nitrosylation of carbon nanotubes formed into a “bucky sheet” and used as a working electrode.

(video) (12 sec)

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Jacob Sells constructs model solar cells. (video) (3 min)


Interview with Dr. Marinda Wu.

[We helped her win the ACS Presidential   election! Yay!]  (video) (6 min)


Other interesting research-related/science videos (all videos ≤ 5 min. except noted*)

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Advice from Prof. George Whitesides

How to choose the focus of your research” (video)

“How to write a paper to communicate your research” (video) (9 min*)

“Improving your writing” (video)

“Writing so people notice” (video)

“What if your article is rejected?” (video)

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Zheng Lab: “Bad Project”

(video) (2¼ min)


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“PCR Rap” (video) (4 min)

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“Scientists for Better PCR”

(video) (2¼ min)


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“GTCA!” (video) (2½ min)

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“Nano Song” (video) (3 min)


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“Nano Girls” (video) (3 min)

“The PhD Movie” trailer

(video) (3 min)


“Chemists Know”

(video) (4 min)


“Space Oddity”—the first music

video in space (5½ min*)


“Science Wars”—Acapella Parody
(video) (4 min)