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Date                         Speaker/ Presentation Title

Sept 05, 2014           Dr. Scott Handy and Dr. Charles Chusuei (MTSU Chem Dept)

                                “Welcome MS Chemistry Graduate Students”

Sept 12, 2014           Dr. Peter Pulay (Univ. of Arkansas)

                                 Title TBA

Oct  03, 2014           Dr. Charles Chusuei (MTSU Chem Dept - Tenure Tour)

                                 Part I:  “Cytotoxicity in the Age of Nano”

                                 Part II: “How Low Can You Go? Increasing Amperometric

                                 Detection for Biosensing

Oct  10, 2014           Dr. De-in Jiang (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

                                “What Can Molecular Simulation Do for Global Warming?”

Oct  24, 2014           Dr. William Tolman (University of Minnesota)

                                 “Plastic from Plants: The Chemistry of Sustainable Polymers”

                                 (MTSU Distinguished lecture series)

Nov 07, 2014           Dr. Vlad Iluc (Univ of Notre Dame)

                                 Title TBA

Nov 21, 2014           TBA

Under construction…

Dr. Jing Kong, Dr. Martin Stewart, Patterson, Friedli, Dunlap, Le Blonde, Volkov, Kline, Van Patten, Golden Goggles, Univ of Memphis; Dr. David Atwood, Univ Kentucky; Dr. Adam Wanekaya, UT-Space Institute; Dr. Chad Mirkin, Northwestern; Dr. Wu-Sheng Shih, Brewer Science, Frank Blum Ok State.