Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) Chemistry Department Seminar Schedule (Chemistry Home)    

Seminars this semester will be presented on Fridays at 3:15 pm in the Davis Science Building, Room 106. (Exceptions to this location and time denoted in red below.)  If you are interested in presenting, please contact Dr. Charles Chusuei by email. Come early to chat with the speaker and other attendees. Refreshments will be served.

Reminders to MS students:  Turn in your abstract pages to the seminar host at the conclusion of each scheduled talk, following the Q&A session. Refer to this link for CHEM 6800 and to help navigate through your degree program.


Date                          Speaker/Presentation Title

Jun  11, 2014            Ms. Rachael Hall (MS thesis defense)

                                  “Group Dynamic and its Effect on Classroom Climate,

                                  Achievement, and Time in Lab in the Organic Chemistry”

                                  Lab”  DSB 106, 1:30 pm


Jun 16, 2014            Ms. Ashley Lipscomb (MS thesis defense)

                                 “An Investigation into the Bioactive Components of

                                 Euphorbia hirta and Pandanus tectorius

                                  DSB 106, 1:00 pm

Jun 17, 2014            Ms. Kara Cole Dawson (MS thesis defense)

                                 “Synthesis of Belactosin A Analogs”

                                  DSB 106, 12:00 pm

Jun 18, 2014            Ms. Kateryna Ogorodnik (MS thesis defense)

                                  “Nucleoside Hydrolase Amino Acid Sequences from Plants”

                                   DSB 106, 2:00 pm

Jun 19, 2014            Ms. Jamie Avant

                                  “Purification and Characterization of Bovine Liver Uridine  


                                   DSB 106, 1:00pm

Sept 12, 2014          Dr. Peter Pulay (Univ. of Arkansas)

                                 Title TBA

Oct 1, 2014              Dr. Donna Nelson (Univ. of Oklahoma)

                                  Title TBA

Oct  03, 2014           Dr. Charles Chusuei (MTSU Chem Dept - Tenure Tour)

                                  Part I:  “Cytotoxicity in the Age of Nano

                                  Part II: “How Low Can You Go? Increasing Amperometric

                                  Detection for Biosensing

Oct  10, 2014           Dr. De-in Jiang (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

                                 “What Can Molecular Simulation Do for Global Warming?”

Oct  24, 2014           Dr. William Tolman (University of Minnesota)

                                  “Plastic from Plants: The Chemistry of Sustainable Polymers”

                                  (MTSU Distinguished lecture series)

Nov 07, 2014           Dr. Vlad Iluc (Univ of Notre Dame)

                                  Title TBA

Note to visiting seminar speakers:  Parking space in the “white area” adjacent to the Davis Science Building and Wiser Patten Science Hall Building is recommended.  A decal and parking spot will be reserved for you in advance of your visit.  See web links (contained herein) for directions to campus and parking.

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