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Welcome to the page where you can find information and instructions about courses I teach. Click on the course number and title for more information.

I am currently teaching the following courses:

PS 2120 Mediation Procedure

PS 2440 Introduction to the Law and the Legal System

PS 3490 Alternative Dispute Resolution

PS 3530 Legal Writing and Research

PS 4010 Paralegal Internship

PS 4040 Pre-Law Internship

PS 4390 Special Topics - Judicial Decision-Making

PS 2120 Mediation Procedure. ( Fall terms.  One credit. Prerequisite: P S 2440 or by permission of the department.) This course if for students that are interested in developing skills as a mediator and as an advocate in mediation settings. This course includes a heavy component of practical application of theories, methods, and ethical considerations of mediation. Participation in intercollegiate mediation competition. May be repeated for up to four hours of credit. Grading is on a Pass/Fail basis.

PS 2440 Introduction to the Legal System.  (Fall, Spring and Summer terms. Three credits. Prerequisite: P S 2010). A general introduction to the U.S. federal legal system and its law with a focus on the judicial branch.

PS 3490 Alternative Dispute Resolution. (Fall terms. Three credits. Prerequisite: P S 2440 or by permission of the department.)  Theory, methods, and ethical components of alternative dispute resolution (ADR); emphasis on various forms of mediation, but including other ADR formats such as arbitration, negotiation, and summary jury trial.

PS 3530 Legal Writing and Research. (Spring terms. Three credits.)  This is a specialized research and composition course for students planning to attend law school or students enrolled in a paralegal program of study. The course involves on-hands legal research and writing in a variety of legal situations.

PS 4010 Paralegal Internship. Three credits. Supervised work in a law office or agency as a paralegal assistant.

PS 4040 Pre-Law Internship. Three credits. Prerequisites: Senior standing, competitive selection, P S 2440, or by permission of the department. Familiarizes pre-law students with general law office procedures and an active law environment.

PS 4390 Special Topics in Political Science. Three credits. Prerequisite: P S 2010 and 2440 or permission of the department. An in-depth study of a special topic significant in contemporary political developments or political science literature. May be taken more than once, as topics change, with up to six credit hours applied to a Political Science major.  Some recent special topics courses that I have taught include The Hermeneutics of Judicial Decision-making and Poverty Law.



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