MTSU Recycles!
Program History:  

Recycling at MTSU started as a small effort by Dr. Pat Doyle as part of Biology Club in 1972.  The objective was to reduce the amount of solid waste generated by MTSU and the local community, using the proceeds from collections to fund scholarships for Biology majors.

In 1999, Dr Doyle and the program received the Daily Points of Light Award, and in 2000 were recognized with the Presidentís Service Award. Dr Doyle retired in 2002.

The Recycling Program was moved to Facilities Services in 2005.

Contact the MTSU Recycling Program office for more information: 615-898-2822  

 Program and objectives


 FAQs/Interesting facts

The Recycling Symbol


...a simple idea: "one persons trash is another person's treasure."


...saves energy, resources, money, and landfill space.

 Reuse... a simple act that anyone can do.

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