STATE UNIVERSITY                                                                           Office of

                                                                                                                 Cultural Diversity Initiatives


Thank you for your interest in the new MTSU Cultural Diversity Initiative and our first annual conference.  The initiative and conference were deliberately designed with all of our president’s three priorities in mind:  promoting excellence; student centeredness; and developing partnerships.


This year the Initiative and conference goals will center on increasing our capacity to graduate more than the 30% of our minority students that we are now graduating.  This goal highlights our focus on excellence and students.


The conference will be partnering with businesses at the local and national levels in looking at ways to help students succeed in an increasingly multicultural environment.  The conference theme centers on “best practices” in assuring cultural diversity.  The conference will be October 29-31, 2003, at the Sheraton-Downtown Hotel, in Nashville, Tennessee.


Would you please consider being very generous in providing seed money as a sponsor for the initiative and/or the conference in one or more of the following ways?  Please check off item(s) you will support and return this form to me as soon as convenient.


  1. Featured speaker and the Gala -                                                                          $50,000
  2. A keynote speaker and luncheon -                                                                       $40,000
  3. A keynote speaker and reception or break -                                                        $30,000
  4. Workshops (emphasizing your organization’s interest) -                                        $20,000
  5. General support -                                                                                                $10,000
  6. Student Scholarships for conference -                                                                  $10,000
  7. Pre-paid conference fees for your employees -                                                    $10,000
  8. Other _______________________________________________ -                $______
  9. Research and/or pre-conference activities for the Initiative -                                 $______

                                                                                                                      TOTAL  $_________

Thank you for considering this request.  Our university can and will reach higher levels of excellence for all of our students as we work together to insure that it happens!


Sincerely,    Sharon Shaw-McEwen, Ed.D., Director, CDI

                   P.O. Box 139, MTSU

                   Murfreesboro, TN  37132


                   Phone: 615.898.2868        Fax: 615.904.8399