1. Besides the gonads, which endocrine gland is another source of testosterone?
adrenal cortex

adrenal medulla




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2. Which of the following endocrine organs is called a neuroendocrine organ?

adrenal cortex



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3. A young boy visits the local doctor with a list of peculiar symptoms: abnormally tall for his age and family background, nervous and easily excited, very warm, always hungry, and very thin. What hormone is most likely over-produced?
Thyroid hormone




Parathyroid hormone

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4. One of the least complicated of the endocrine control systems directly responds to changing blood levels of ions and nutrients. Examples include increased blood levels of calcium, glucose and potassium. Which of the following describes this mechanism?
humoral stimulation

neural stimulation

 protein synthesis

hormonal stimulation

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5. Which of the following can be starting material for the production of hormones?
amino acids


fatty acids

a and b

all of the above

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6. PRH directly stimulates:
secretion of GnRH

secretion of prolactin

secretion of oxytocin

production of milk

ejection of milk

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7.  An effect of human chorionic gonadotropin is to:
stimulate secretion of GnRH

stimulate growth of the placenta

stimulate development of the embryo

stimulate secretion of progesterone

inhibit secretion of estrogen

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8. A syndrome characterized by hyperglycemia with polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia would most likely reflect:
glucagon hypersecretion

insulin hypersecretion

glucagon hyposecretion

insulin hyposecretion

none of the above

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9. The characteristic that distinguishes a classical hormone from a neurotransmitter or paracrine type of chemical messenger is
regulated release from its source.

transported via the bloodstream.

binds to a receptor on a target cell.

activates a signal transduction pathway.

None of the above. There is no difference between a classical hormone, neurotransmitter or any other type of chemical messenger.

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10. Which hormone transduction mechanism involves Ca as a "third messenger?"
adenylate-cyclase, cAMP

phospholipase system

direct gene activation

all of the above

none of the above

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