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Arrive on time for lab, and never leave early.  If you have finished exercises that your lab instructor advised you to do today, use the extra time to review material from previous labs, or to get a head start on future labs.  Remember that your assigned lab time is the only time when the lab resources are solely available to you and your lab-mates.  The available lab times are available to about 500 or more students in fall & spring, and 50-100 students in summer.

Work in groups during lab.

Work in study groups after studying some on your own.  Quiz each other to make sure that you have things down.  When you and lab partner disagree about what something is, ask your lab instructor.  We swear that they know the answers (or they can find them).

Don't be afraid to ask to your instructors for help in identifying something or understanding something.  We actually like this stuff, and we actually enjoy teaching.  In fact, your biggest problem may be getting us to hush and go away once you get us started.

If you can't find your instructor, ask any instructor you find.  It's really important to get your questions answered as they arise.  It keeps you from getting confused, and it makes it easier to study for exams.


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